Aston Martin and Ariel Atom Experience Day



Key Features:
  • Experience driving the stunning Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  • Take a spin as a passenger in a supercharged Ariel Atom!
  • Upgrade to a weekend date for a small fee
  • For more information, please check the PDF below
If you haven’t experienced what it is like to drive a supercar then this experience is a great introduction. Driving an Aston Martin and riding shotgun in an Ariel Atom is sure to have you bitten by the racing bug! The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is considered the most beautiful Aston of modern times. It ticks all the classic British sports car boxes – the long bonnet hiding a V8 engine, rear wheel drive, a wonderful exhaust note and most importantly, beautiful, head turning looks.
What’s more, you’ll get to see how the professionals do it by with a passenger ride in the awesome supercharged Ariel Atom, a car that accelerates to 60mph in 2.89 seconds. With awesome acceleration and an unbelievable sense of speed and exhilaration, this is THE car you’d want to be a passenger in when it’s driven at the limit. The Atom has no body panels but that makes it all the more beautiful. As you’re driven round you can see all the suspension and steering working away, it truly is a unique piece of automotive engineering and you’ll also find out that it is very, very fast!
Your experience will begin with registration and safety briefing on circuit driving techniques. You will then typically drive 2 laps in the Aston Martin before being buckled in for a minimum of one lap as a passenger in the supercharged Ariel Atom. The exact number of laps and type of Aston Martin varies by location, please check on booking. The unforgettable experience ends with a debrief.
Please note that the Ariel Atom maybe replaced by the KTM Crossbow at the Loughborough location.
At most locations there is an option to upgrade to a weekend date for a small fee. Please enquire on booking.
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