Beauty Day for her


1 person/up to 3 hours

This is an opportunity to visit three procedures at once in one salon and save time. In a few hours, specialists will create a suitable image for any occasion – a date, a business meeting, or going out.


How does Beauty Day work for her

The client will visit one of the salons, where a complex of beauty procedures will await her. First, she will discuss the desired look with stylists.

Then the hairstyle master will style the hair with professional means. Next, the makeup artist will start the make-up. The client will be able to choose morning, nude or evening makeup.

After that, the specialist will do a combined manicure and apply gel polish.

Additional information

  • In the beauty salon, the service includes manicure removal.
  • The certificate does not apply to wedding make-up and hairstyle, as well as braiding.