The Live Escape Game for Two


Use your mental skills to try and escape a room in just 60 minutes with your partner! Once locked inside the room, you will both receive hints and clues to help solve the various puzzles. The clues vary in difficulty with some being straightforward and easy to solve, whilst others can take a bit longer to crack. There is help at hand via a quiz master, but they are not in the room with you and can only communicate via a walkie-talkie device. If you successfully make your way through puzzle after puzzle, you will receive the password for the safe where the key is located. You will have a choice of one from three different rooms to complete; The Triads, The Red Curse or The Double Crossing. Each reflects a theme or story and has its own set of unique puzzles. Under intense pressure and racing against the clock, will you be able to solve the puzzles and escape the room?